Young Urban Tree Monitoring Training Toolkit

TreeVitalize developed a training toolkit to enable volunteers/citizen scientists to monitor newly planted trees across the state. Throughout the monitoring process, PA Community Tree Map is utilized to GEOlocate and monitor trees. The training toolkit is adaptable to suit a wide-range of tree monitoring needs and/or activities.  The toolkit includes citizen-oriented training guide and supporting materials (curriculum, presentation slides, tree ID guide).  The target audience for these training materials is local governments, nonprofits, and volunteers. These ready-to-use training materials are an essential component to sustainable urban forestry program:

Supporting materials for communities interested in holding an urban tree monitoring workday: 

  1. Urban Tree Monitoring Training Toolkit
  2. Urban Tree Monitoring Editable Agenda
  3. Urban Tree Monitoring Editable Powerpoint Presentation
  4. Example Tree ID Field Key
  5. Example Cheat Sheet
  6. Powerpoint Slides_March 21, 2017 Webinar:Citizen Tree Monitoring Training Toolkit